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Experience Yellowstone in Montana During Fall

Experience Yellowstone in Montana During Fall

Yellowstone National Park is made up of over 3,000 square miles of serene wilderness that spans from Wyoming to Montana and parts of Idaho. Taking a scenic drive will be the best way to take in the wildlife views and fall foliage during the harvest season. While visiting Yellowstone, you'll have run-ins with geyser basins, drastic canyons, wildlife, open meadows and so much more. Keep reading to find out why visiting Yellowstone in fall should be on your to-do list.

Top 5 Reasons to Visit Yellowstone during Fall

1.  Elk in Rut— During September and October Elk are in "rut" which is also known as breeding season. Listen for Elk bugling which is a high-pitched whistling sound combined with deep grunts and is something truly unique.

2.  Fall Foliage— The clash of burnt orange hues and yellow grasses against a blue sky full of clouds is such a magical sight. You'll find golden aspens in conjunction with massive pines, vibrant scarlet-red shrubs in the wide-open vistas during your drives.

3Fewer Crowds— Visiting Yellowstone during fall means the numbers of crowds drop and you'll have less traffic while driving. Learn about fall season schedule to plan out your scenic drives in Yellowstone.

4.  The Boiling River— Located just a few miles from the North Entrance and the Mammoth Hot Springs area you'll find The Boiling River. The hot spring meets the Gardner River at The Boiling River, which means it's the perfect temperature to take a dip! The best time to take a dip happens during fall and winter, which is why it should be on your to-do list of things to do in Yellowstone.

5.  Wildlife— Many animals make their way down from the high elevations to lower elevations during the autumn season. You'll notice migrating hawks and birds-of-prey overhead as well as bears getting ready to hibernate. With the shorter days of fall, you'll be able to sleep a little longer before dawn breaks which is the best time for viewing the Yellowstone wildlife.  

Lodging near Yellowstone West Entrance

Before heading out from the West Yellowstone, Montana, bring bear spray as bears will be getting prepared for hibernation and will appear in more significant numbers. Check out the bear activity and weather before leaving our West Yellowstone lodging to make your daily treks by stopping into the visitor center or ranger station. While staying at the ClubHouse Inn West Yellowstone during late summer and fall, we encourage you to get out and explore the breathtaking flora and fauna. If you're planning an upcoming Yellowstone getaway during the busy summer season, we suggest booking in advance. We make reservations easy; all you have to do is search for the date you'd like to stay and book online.