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Grizzly Wolf and Discovery Center | Yellowstone Wildlife

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Grizzly Wolf and Discovery Center | Yellowstone Wildlife

Many people travel to the beautiful town of West Yellowstone to explore, watch, and take photographs of the active Yellowstone National Park wildlife around the region. With over 400 species of Yellowstone wildlife living in the park, you’ll spot these critters, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and birds around every corner. Whether you’re driving through Lamar Valley, hiking around the trail system, or are on one of the Yellowstone bus tours, you’ll find a vast amount of wildlife all over the region.
There are so many fun things to do in West Yellowstone, Montana, and one of the best places to check out is just minutes from the ClubHouse Inn West Yellowstone: the Grizzly Wolf and Discovery Center (GWDC). If you’d like to learn about the Yellowstone National Park wildlife from the experts, then we suggest spending an afternoon at the center to get an up-close look at the animals and to discover more!

About the Yellowstone Wildlife at the Center

There are many educational programs and activities at the center that will help you understand even more about the beautiful grizzlies and wolves that roam the park. The Yellowstone wildlife located at the GWDC were unable to live in the wild for several different reasons and were taken in to be cared for by the center. Additionally to taking them in, they were able to give these majestic creatures a home that closely resembles their natural habitat. You’ll also be able to learn about several birds of prey that would not survive in the wild due to life-altering injuries. 

Center Programs

The center provides indoor and outdoor viewing opportunities along with interactive programs where visitors can get a better insight into the animals. The Birds-of-Prey Presentation will give you a better look at the resident raptors that live around Yellowstone. You can learn about the importance of bear spray and how to properly use it with the Bear Pepper Spray Demonstration if you happen to have a close encounter with the Yellowstone wildlife. You can also learn how to watch wolves and bears in the wild with the Wildlife Watching program, which is an excellent option for photographers that want to get the best picture of Yellowstone National Park wildlife. Learn more about the different interactive opportunities and programs offered at the center at  

Hours and Rates

The GWDC is located right next to the West Yellowstone National Park entrance, is open year-round, and the hours are from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. seven days a week. There are select dates where the center hours change, and the center is open for a longer time. We suggest checking out the website Hours and Rates page during your visit to West Yellowstone National Park. The parking at the center is free, credit cards are accepted for admission as well as the gift shop, and the cost is $10 for children 5-12, $14 for seniors and $15 for ages 13 and up. 
Now is the time to book your upcoming getaway to West Yellowstone National Park, as the summer season is just around the corner! The ClubHouse Inn West Yellowstone provides a convenient location to a variety of restaurants, park activities, the West entrance as well as the GWDC. Call 406-646-4892 or book your stay on our website!