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Please see the available positions below:

Kelly Inn West Yellowstone Hotel


Essential Functions: 
 Cross train on Front Office functions.  Dust, dust mop, sweep, scrub, polish, vacuum, buff, wax, strip and or spot clean all floor surfaces, stairs, baseboards, walls, elevators and entrances.  Surfaces to be cleaned may include slate, tile, carpet, and cement.  Cleaning process will involve lifting, bending, climbing, and standing for extended periods of time.  Pushing and pulling will be involved in cleaning such as vacuuming, floor scrubbing for extended periods of time.  Twisting is involved in the process of mopping and sweeping for extended periods.    Bend, crouch, reach and work in confined spaces to clean restroom, scrubbing toilets, sinks, walls and floors.    Dust, wipe clean, and hand vacuum/wipe furniture, pictures, ledges, window sills, vents, lights and other fixtures, while extending arms above head or below waist or climbing ladder/using lift up to 40 feet in height for extended periods of time.    Clean ashtrays and urns, telephone areas, empty trash and pick up trash and debris.    Push, pull and lift equipment and supplies, such as carts, furniture, mop buckets.    Replenish supplies at the front desk; toilet tissue, towels, soaps, other guest supplies, etc.    Assist front desk staff with guests.  (See Front Desk Clerk job description)  Assist housekeeping in room mattress rotation.  All other duties as assigned. Other:  Comply with hotel, insurance company and OSHA standards.  Comply with hotel procedures and policies.  Report all suspicious persons or activities, or hazardous conditions.  Maintain all equipment such as vacuums, carts and work areas including storage closets in a neat and clean condition.  Report all maintenance items as needed. 

Physical Requirements: 
Individual must possess the following knowledge, skills, and abilities and be able to explain and demonstrate that he or she can perform the essential functions of the job using some other combination of skills and abilities. 
- Knowledge of stain removal, cleaning procedures, chemical agents. - Ability to lift, bend, crouch/stoop, climb, walk, stand, reach, twist, push and pull heavy equipment for extended periods of time.  Lift furniture, equipment and supplies weighing up to 50 lbs.  May need to climb ladders. - Ability to understand, and to follow instructions, and perform job functions in a timely and efficient manner. - Basic ability to read and understand the English Language to understand chemical labels for safety. - Ability to communicate to co-workers. - Ability to learn and apply hazardous chemical training. 
- Equivalent education to twelfth grade. - Prior experience at front desk preferred. - Prior job related to customer service preferred. - General math knowledge. - Computer experience preferred. - Other office equipment, calculator experience required. - Neat and clean in appearance and in uniform at all times. - Interpersonal skills.  Friendly and outgoing personality. - Good communication skills and speak, write and understand English. - Ability to exercise good judgment, is reliable and honest. 
This job description may be changed and updated at any time.   

Front Desk Clerk (Guest Service Representative)

Essential Functions: 
 Registers and processes guests promptly upon arrival to ensure guest satisfaction. 10% of job duties
 Performs all guest accounting functions according to established hotel operating procedures to ensure all guest and house accounts are complete and accurate.  10% of job duties - Accepts responsibility for accurately maintaining a cash bank. - Processes checkouts in a timely and efficient manner. - Reconciles daily posting and transactions; submitting a balanced deposit to the General Cashier. - Completes deposit log with witness.
 Demonstrates a working knowledge of all services and facilities of the hotel and local area to effectively assist hotel guests.  5% of job duties - Issues safe deposit boxes to guests upon request according to standard operating procedure. - Properly processes guest mail, messages, and packages to ensure receipt of same by guest.
 Thoroughly understands and adheres to all established proper credit, check cashing, and cash handling and inventory control policies and procedures to minimize exposure to loss of revenue.  5% of job duties - Ensures all guests established credit upon check-in. - Monitors guest accounts to ensure adherence to hotel credit limits. - Reviews, records, and reconciles discrepancies between registration information and computer/room rack records.
 Demonstrates the effective utilization of room rates and promotional programs to achieve maximum occupancy and average rate.  10% of job duties - Utilizes appropriate suggestive selling techniques. - Adheres to rate control procedures based on availability and forecasted occupancy. 
 Receives and processes reservations accurately to ensure guest satisfaction.  10% of job duties 
- Identifies and records group and transient business codes. - Identifies and records special billing instructions. - Identifies commissionable reservations and secures required information. - Records and processes deposit information. - Identifies and records requests for special accommodations and suites. - Maintains correspondence file by date of arrival. 
 Reviews all reservations and assigns rooms based on availability, special requests and hotel promotions to ensure guest satisfaction and maximize room revenues.  5% of job duties
 Assists all guests in a sincere and courteous manner exemplifying the finest in hospitality.  10% of job duties  Demonstrates a working knowledge of all hotel safety and security procedures required to maintain a secure and safe environment for employees and guests.  1% of job duties
 Conducts and/or attends meetings to maintain favorable working relationships among company employees and prompt maximum morale, productivity and efficiency.  1% of job duties
 Prepares reports, as requested, to develop a more informative database for improved management decision-making and critical evaluation of work activities.  3% of job duties
 Performs all accountabilities in a timely and efficient manner, following established company policy and projecting a favorable image of the property to achieve objectives, public recognition and acceptance.  4% of job duties
 Keeps immediate superior promptly and fully informed of all problems or unusual matters of significance coming to his/her attention so prompt corrective action can be taken when appropriate.  2% of job duties
 Perform PBX duties as follows:  10% of job duties - To answer all calls promptly, courteously and in a consistent manner.  - To promptly forward calls to proper department or guest room.  - To follow up “on-hold” calls to ensure connection to proper extension as soon as possible.  - To offer to take messages any time an extension does not answer and to ensure that all information is complete and accurate.  - To ensure all guest messages are entered into the computer, the message light turned on and a hard copy delivered to room.  - To ensure all mail and packages for guests are received by the guest and entered into log.  - To maintain a list of all management and emergency numbers.  - To accurately log all requests for wake-up calls.  - To maintain updated information on all hotel outlets and areas of interest in the area.  - To accurately log and monitor coffee call program.  
- To monitor on a daily basis the number of newspapers to be ordered for the following day.  - To provide the accounting department with necessary information to ensure travel agent commissions are paid promptly and accurately. - Maintain communications with rest of staff via the Front Office log book. - Report promptly any equipment failures. - Knows all safety and emergency procedures.  Is aware of accident prevention policies. - Maintains the cleanliness and neatness of the PBX area. - Understands that business demands sometimes make it necessary to schedule employees from their accustomed shift to other shifts.
 Coordinates room status updates with the housekeeping department by notifying housekeeping of all checkouts, late checkouts, early check-ins, special requests, and part-day rooms.  1% of job duties
 Possesses a working knowledge of the reservations department. Takes same day reservations and future reservations when necessary. Knows cancellation procedures.  5% of job duties   Files room key cards.   1% of job duties
 Knows how to use front office equipment.  1% of job duties
 Reads and initials the pass-on log and bulletin board daily.  Is aware of daily activities and meetings taking place in the hotel.  1% of job duties  Attends department meetings.  1% of job duties
 Coordinates guest room maintenance work with the engineering and maintenance division.  1% of job duties
 Knows all safety and emergency procedures.  Is aware of accident prevention policies.  1% of job duties  Maintains the cleanliness and neatness of the front desk area.  1% of job duties
 Understands that business demands sometimes make it necessary to schedule employees from their accustomed shift to other shifts.  Must be a dependable person who is able to work a flexible schedule.  1% of job duties  All other duties as assigned. 
 Must project a neat, clean professional appearance.
 Must be self-motivated and career oriented.  Must be committed to the highest standards of hospitality and express a sincere interest in the needs and comfort of guests.
 Must be extroverted, sales oriented and able to consistently project a positive attitude and pleasant personality.
 Should be willing to assist others and be able to work as a team member toward common goals of the hotel. 
 Must be a bright, alert individual who is able to assume responsibility and exercise sound judgment.
 Should be able to perform multiple activities with speed and accuracy and adapt easily to fast paced, changing conditions.  Should be oriented to detail and follow through.
 Should be a flexible person and possess an even temperament.
 Must be able to comprehend basic accounting principles, type a minimum of 30 words per minute accurately, operate standard electronic equipment and possess an aptitude with figures, and be able to handle clerical duties such as filing and logging.
 Must be honest, bondable and able to handle cash responsibilities.
 Must be a dependable person who is able to work a flexible schedule.
 Must be articulate and able to communicate effectively with others. 

Physical Requirements: Requires standing while checking guests in & out, printing folios/messages, and handling any guest/client questions for long periods of time.  80% of shift Requires walking to and from various areas within the department as well as other departments within the building.  7% of shift Requires sitting while processing reservations and giving breaks to PBX operators.  3% of shift Requires bending down and picking up supplies.  Maximum pounds are thirty-five.  10% of shift Qualifications: Education: High School Education, Continued Education preferred Skills:  Audit Experience preferred Excellent communication and organizational skills   Self-motivated   Ability to perform multiple activities in a fast paced environment 
This job description and time percentages may be changed and updated at any time.   

Breakfast Attendant/Host

Position Overview  
Assists with operation of continental breakfast area.  Socialize professionally, effectively, and friendly with all guest relations.  Help maintain the highest quality standards the hotel’s continental breakfast. 
Essential Functions: 
 Provide highest quality service to the guest at all times.
 Respond appropriately to any requests or concerns that guests may have.
 Follow all food handling procedures.
 Be knowledgeable of all Continental Breakfast Core items.
 Maintain breakfast area in a clean functional manner.
 Inform management of all guest-related problems and any shortages of core items.
 Knowledgeable of safety and security measures of the hotel.
 Must be able to work early morning shifts.
 During peak times or during times of employee shortages you may be asked to help with duties regarding the facility attendant, room attendant, laundry attendant, and guest service representative.
 Will be required to read and sign Food Handling Procedures document.
 Maintain clean lobby and spa area. 
Any other duties as assigned. 
Physical Requirements: 
 Ability to lift, bend, crouch/stoop, climb, stand, reach, twist, push and pull equipment.   
 May need to climb stairs.    

 Education: High School or equivalent   Must be able to pass certification from health department if required 
 Experience: Prior food handling experience   Ability to speak and read English  
 This job description may be changed and updated at any time. 

Maintenance Engineer

Essential Functions: 
 Performs all repair and maintenance to building including, but not limited to HVAC system, coolers and ice machines.  50% of job duties
 Maintains chemical treatment and record keeping of swimming pool, spa and area cleanliness.  10% of job duties
 Performs and assists in the assignment and completion of preventative and facility maintenance work orders.  10% of job duties
 Completes all other maintenance assignments as directed.  15% of job duties
 Completes work orders for lease areas as directed if applicable.  5% of job duties
 Maintains and assists in cleanliness of mechanical equipment rooms and maintenance shop.  Ensure no equipment near electrical boxes.  5% of job duties
 Knowledgeable of the alarm system; location of smoke detectors, alarms and sprinkler shut off valves.  5% of job duties 
 Maintains a safe facility, policing grounds, walks, parking lot, and mechanical equipment rooms.
 Utilizes basic knowledge of mechanical repairs, methods and practices to complete daily assigned preventative and corrective work orders to guest rooms and public spaces.
 Performs and assists in the assignment and completion of preventative and facility maintenance work orders and repairs to pressure vessels and related equipment, including area of specialization.
 Ensures the timely completion of all assigned maintenance requests and provides direction to maintenance helpers for other tasks needing attention.
 Maintains chemical treatment and record keeping of same to swimming pool, spa area and its cleanliness.  Performs seasonal work to include ice and snow removal, parking lot, sidewalks, and grounds clean-up, site preparation and close-out, and assists in upkeep/repairs to irrigation system and components. 
 Performs seasonal maintenance to provide for system start-up and shutdown including power washer or components and site clean up.
 Responds to fire alarm system activation, relaying information to responding personnel, and to other staff.  Responsible for training of other staff including front office.
 Keeps General Manager informed of any problems that develop on shift or corrective actions necessary.
 Work all shifts and weekends as necessary.
 Performs all accountabilities in a timely and efficient manner, following established company policy and projecting a favorable image on Kelly Inn Ltd. To achieve objectives, public recognition and acceptance.
 Obtain bids on major expenditures and capital projects over $500 and review with the General Manager.
 Attend all required meetings.
 Complies with all safety standards and procedures, all performance standards, procedures of department grooming.
 Serve guests as needed and directed.
 Maintain specific budget guidelines as directed from General Manager and Regional/District Manager.
 Directs and coordinates the activities of all assigned personnel and departmental responsibilities.
 Assesses and reviews the job performance of subordinates and maintains personnel records of assigned employees.
 Oversees training and development of Engineering Department personnel, if applicable.
 Maintains electrical license and knowledge of all voltage systems, wiring, and motors throughout the property.
 Uses proper “Lock Out – Tag Out” safety procedures when maintaining any equipment.
 Ensures aggressive "guest first" attitude among team members and provides a friendly guest contact experience.
 Ensures good safety practices of employees and guests throughout the hotel, assisting in the maintenance of property emergency and security procedures.
 Reviews all outside contract services for departmental responsibilities with the hotel's Assistant General Manager.
 Maintains secure storage control of and cutting of all duplicate keys for the hotel.
 Ensures all annual or code required inspections completed for boiler, elevator, swimming pool, fire alarms, fire extinguishers, emergency lights and health and all reports are submitted to the General Manager.
 Assist General Manager and Regional Manager in preparation of capital budget.
 All other duties as assigned. 
Specific Qualifications/Physical Requirements: 
 Maintenance experience required and two years experience in HVAC installation and/or maintenance preferred.
 Some mechanical education required.
 Valid Class C (or as state requires) drivers license preferred, and assist in van shuttles as required. 
 Boiler, pool, CPR certification, and refrigeration certification preferred or to be obtained after employment.
 Attention to detail and ability to manage multiple programs and ongoing projects.
 Ability to walk and stand on feet for long periods of time up to entire shift (8 hours).
 Independent lifting of loads up to 100 pounds and combines lifting in excess of 100 pounds.
 Read and write both numbers and Basic English to record meters and interpret work order requests.  Able to handle stressful situations involving Life/Safety emergencies. 

Yellowstone West Gate Hotel

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